No man is an island

I can console you, I’ve done it before…or rather attempted to because you won’t let me do my duty as the someone who cares about your well being.

The question comes to mind all the time; if you can’t be consoled then how can you console? If you refuse to let me be by your side then how could you ever be by mine?

Even strangers notice when I’m off. Even they touch my shoulder, offer me a hug, tell me there will be better days. What of you? Sneers and a bad attitude.

But it’s not your fault. You’re not equipped for this. You only know you and what you want, how you heal, and no one else.

It hurts but I know if I were drowning in myself you’d look on and shrug, not because you don’t want me to make it but because you believe every man should be an island.

Sometimes islands are hit by storms, waters rise, tides sweep away once strong fortified structures and there is trouble. Sometimes only help from the outside can soothe and salvage and rebuild the dangerously corroded edifices of a once brave soul.

You’re not strong enough to do that for anyone else. I can see that. I can see that you’re struggling just to rebuild your own swept away island and no outside help is welcome so no help can be given out by your crumbling island.

You are incapable.


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