If I Were Brave

If I were fearless I’d write with everything in me…
my words soaring into the sky and crashing down into oblivion without a care as to what injuries they sustained because their freedom would mean more to them.

I would finish whole books in a week, peddle out stories as if they were worth a penny a piece but in reality they would be filled with priceless fantasy and unmatched prose.

If only I were fearless…
unbound and unhinged…

Capable of throwing caution to the wind and allowing my world to open into the deepest depths it were capable of,
if only I could sail my ship out into the waters of that deep pool from which we all drink the words that fuel our hearts and unleash our imaginations,
if only I were brave enough to catch the biggest fish there and bring it ashore to bask in it’s greatness.
But here I am…
fearing that if I continue out I’ll drown…
fearing that there is nothing for me in those depths…
fearing my own mediocrity but knowing there is so much more I can become if only I were brave enough to sail out and find it.


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