There is no love in these words written down in books from ancient worlds.
There is no peace, no understanding, no compromise.
There are laws, there are rules, there are justifications for hate and destruction.
The words in these books are words of madmen and politicians.
Leaders and those who wish to be.
These words are not words of some lost entity.
They are words of man and his need to control that which he does not understand.
Words of control and power.
Words to hold dominion over his fellow beings.
Trust in the words of men leads to trust in the devil you so fear.
Trust that these words were sent by the almighty leads to trust in that which does not exist.
There is no love nor compassion in the pages of your ancient book.
There is only the ramblings of men who knew no better.
The fabrication of an entity to explain all the pain.
The creation of a justification for their reign.
No, there is not love in these words.
There is no love in these books.
There is only a haven to which you can run when the world becomes confusing and unjust.


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