The Dark Tower and who I think should be cast as Roland’s Ka-Tet

Do any of you that follow this blog like Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series of books? Well I know I do. They’re probably one of my most favorite series out there, I’m even re-reading them which is something I usually don’t do. The world that he creates is amazing, the characters are dry but a good dry that matches their environment in such a way I wish I could imitate.

Roland is a character that’s lost everything. That has only one goal; find the tower. Along the way he meets some amazing characters including a drug addict named Eddie Dean, a wheelchair bound black woman with DID named Sussanah, and a young boy with great heart named Jake Chambers. They become his new Ka-Tet and follow him on his journey across the land to reach his goal, and their own.

I recently heard that Aaron Paul, which most will remember as Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, was approached to play Eddie Dean for the movie adaptation and a light went off in my head that this was a perfect choice considering how similar Jesse was to that character. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the potential cast. Who would be Roland? Sussanah?Jake? Well I got a little bored and decided to put my choices into visual form. I think these actors and actress would be able to portray these characters perfectly. They’ve already proven in other characters that they can portray the right attributes.

If you haven’t read The Dark Tower series (there are 7 books, plus a comic adaptation that I need desperately to own) I highly suggest you give it a chance. It may start a little slow for some peoples taste, but I promise it gets into a realm of intricate threads that runs deeply and smoothly within the story and it will pull you in.



One response to “The Dark Tower and who I think should be cast as Roland’s Ka-Tet

  1. I’m in a phase of reading Dark Tower, and from the moment Eddie appeared i pictured him as Aaron Paul, so glad I’m not the only one…

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