Keeping on track

I have a hard time forcing myself to write something. Anything. If I can’t write something phenomenal, then I’m not writing at all.

I’ve had to get past that feeling. To admit to myself that there’s no point in writing something great if it never gets finished.

I’ve gotten nearly 5k words into my novel in the past 3 days. That may not sound like a lot to some people but for me that’s amazing progress. I’m not satisfied with how most of the scenes are written but I keep reminding myself this is just a first draft, the sooner I finish putting the story down the sooner I can start editing it and turning it into something worth sending to publishers.

Surprisingly, something that’s helped me do that is a little word tracker from Storytoolz.

This is what my progress looks like so far.

The part that’s really helping me keep on track is the “About” section. It lays out your active writing days, your daily average word count, and even the date which you’ll reach your goal! For me, that means I have something to aim for. I’m aiming to up the daily average and bring down the estimated end date. The more I think about that the more I want to actually open that word document and get writing. It’s a nice feeling.

I highly recommend anyone with the same issue try using this tracker to keep themselves on track.


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