I’m a little restless, as usual. My body is a little shaky, that happens from time to time. I don’t quite know why I’m so active at night, a trait passed down by my father along with a little bit of instability and emptiness. Funny how you can still carry so much from someone you never knew. He was creative as well, my mother can’t even doodle a smiley face, but I can draw to my hearts delight. I ramble when I’m tired. It’s just my body that aches for sleep though, my mind, oh my mind can go on for weeks without stopping. It’s funny. Everything is hilarious when looked at through the eyes of a dreamer; the world around you is so flimsy and broken, but you keep striving for insignificant ideals and accomplishments, keep on pushing to continue the restless nights and empty beds, the dark days and gloomy months, the ever present reminders that “this too shall pass”, oh it’ll pass. Everything passes eventually. Life ultimately leads to death after all. But who am I to say anything. I am, after all, only a dreamer awake with the stars, drinking my tea and waiting to sleep.


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