Chapter Layout for my novel: Ceria City book1

I’m working on the title since right now it’s just Ceria City: book 1. I’m going to start working on it again and decided to do a chapter layout based off of the previous rough draft I did earlier this year. So here are the chapter titles, hope they make you guys look forward to the finished product!

Part 1:
-The Birth of a Princess
-The Market
-New Recruits
-Message from Aria
-The River
-Betrayal and a Funeral
-Kingdoms Past
-The Queens Despair

Part 2:
-Birth of a Charmer
-The West Village
-Father and Son
-Life between villages
-Arian Guard
-Home in Orin
-The new King

Part 3:
-The rage of a Daughter
-Problem at the River
-Preparations for battles
-In the Mountains
-Clash along the West Road
-Daughter vs Son
-New Beginnings

I’ve also worked a bit more on the Deities involved in the story to create a more complex backstory. I’m going to try and take this new rewrite slowly and stretch in some more detail that my drafts are usually missing so that the story has as much depth on paper as it does in my head. Hope to show some excerpts soon.


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