Honey and Terry

Honey smokes her last cigarette, once he gets here they’ll be off and she’s nervous. She crumples up the empty pack and tosses it into the garbage bin. Her body can’t seem to stop moving, her feet take turns tapping, and her hands go from her pockets to fiddling with her hair to picking at the scab on her arm.

She’s anxious for his arrival. They planned to take off first thing in the morning but he’s late. They’re not safe here anymore, not by a long shot. The things they’ve been hunting are on to them and now something bigger wants to have a word with her and Terry.

“Where are you, little brother…” she looks up the road but there doesn’t seem to be anyone coming at all. The street is eerily quiet for this time of day. Their parents raised them on the paranormal and this kind of quiet never meant anything good.

She tries to stay calm. It’s just her and Terry these days, their parents dead for more than five years now, their lives now dedicated to fixing the wrongs their parents always fought to fix. The world is a dark place but not many people know exactly how dark it really is. They do. They’ve seen the pits of hell itself open before them and it was just as nasty as anything you could imagine.

The rumbling of an engine comes to her ears from up the road and she breathes a sigh of relief; it’s Terry’s car. He pulls up to the curb and pops open the passenger door.

“I called one of mom and dad’s old friends, they can lend us a hand with this shit.”

Honey hops in, slams her door and leans her seat back, “Where at?”


“Vegas? Maybe our luck’s looking up.”

“Nope, some little crap town called Minden.”

She sighs, “Better than getting our guts ripped out I guess.”

“We might still get our guts ripped out. There’s been a bunch of hunters gone missing over there.”


He’s got a crazy grin on his face that Honey can’t help but mirror. The kid has so much more enthusiasm for this than she does. Luckily it’s contagious.

“What’re you waiting for? Step on it, little brother, we got places to go and baddies to slay.”

“Hell yeah, Bee!”

She stares at him for a long time after they take off. He’s only twenty years old but she can already see the awful marks of stress on his face, she dreads the thought of what she must look like at twenty six. Their parents would have wanted them to do this. They did what they did for a reason; to protect innocent lives. She’s glad she has Terry by her side through all this. Without him she’d be a mess.

He turns up the radio. It’ll be a while before they reach their destination. Honey figures she might as well catch some sleep and closes her eyes.


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