Life, the Universe and you.

Are you ever just sitting around, not concentrating on anything in particular, maybe just surfing the web, when you suddenly question life? Not your life, not exactly, but life in general. The world. People. Conscious thought. Society. God.

I hate when that happens. When the entire fabric of your existence comes into question. When you stop and just wander through an empty corridor of your mind that you forgot had made a permanent nook in your brain. The world sort of melts before you, the things around you suddenly make very little sense, the purpose behind any and all actions is nonexistent.

You start to wonder what conscious thought really is, what it really means, why you see things a certain way, why is society the way it is, is there really a god, if not then why are we here, if so then why are we here. The universe is a random assortment of things, it gives nothing and it takes nothing, it holds no expectations, gives no demands. We are dust floating through it.

Then you’re back. You shake off the unease and you keep typing. You deny those feelings of being nothing and tell yourself all that matters is the here and now. The bigger picture is not one that you necessarily need to see. You can’t do much else. What is, is. Nothing is certain, and dwelling on that fact does you no good.

It’s strange that this all happens in a matter of seconds, maybe as long as a few minutes, but then you have no choice but to drop those thoughts and move on.

Such is the way of life.


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