Busy busy busy!

This time of year is so busy! 

Halloween comes along, then I have to get ready for the Military Ball, then it’s thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years! So much packed into three months. The worst part is that my mood always drops super low during these months and I become a bit lethargic, not really feeling like doing much and easily dissuaded from doing the things I actually do want to do.

I’ve been sleeping a lot more and eating constantly throughout the day. It’s like once winter hits all my body wants to do is go into hibernation mode! It’s not even the weather, since this was the case even in Florida where the seasons barely change. I’m going to try and do something with my time (i’ve left writer mode and have entered artist mode), and hopefully I’ll be able to push through the lethargy. 

Love you guys, hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I’ll try and get photos from the ball (which is this weekend!) and I might actually attempt to make a thanksgiving meal this year.


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