Image Prompt; The Light IV

Source: trulsespedal on deviantart

He clutches the ball of light close to him. It tried to escape, it broke from his chest and tried to flee to the man standing in the corner.

“You can’t have it!” he screams through fresh tears, “It’s mine! You can’t have it!”

The man in the corner heaves a heavy sigh, “It was never yours to begin with…” he extends his hand, “Give it here or I will be forced to take it.”

Never taking his eyes off the man he holds the light even closer, hoping it will return to where it came, hoping it will close the void it has created by leaving him, he can already feel lost and without purpose.

This place is dark. He can only see what the little ball lights up for him.

“Leave him brother.” A womans voice fills the room.

“But the child must be born.” The man in the corner sounds exasperated.

“And it will be born. He will see soon that there is no reason to hold onto his life.”

He looks down at the light; his life? He remembers dying now. He remembers awaking in this place, the little ball of light trying to leave him for the man in the corner. He knew he had to hold onto it. He had to keep it. The tears are blurring his vision now. He had a life once but now he must let it go.

“I don’t want to die…” his voice struggles to leave his throat.

“No one really dies,” the woman’s voice echoes in this place, “You will go on in a new life…if I can get that light from you, a child will be born.”

The sound of her voice is sweet, smooth, like nothing he’s ever heard before.  Reluctantly he lets the light escape his hands. It floats off to the man in the corner who tucks it carefully into a pouch on his hip.

“What happens to me?” he wipes his eyes with the backs of his hands, “Where—where do I go?” he’s looking up at the man in the corner.

“Wherever your light goes. A fresh start in a new life. This body will be nothing but an empty husk soon.” The man turns and disappears into the darkness.

Everything around him is black. An empty void. A sudden bright light fills his vision, he can hear the faint sound of people talking, a woman screaming, a baby crying. Where is he? What is all this commotion? Why is it so cold? Nothing makes sense, the world is too bright, what are all these things? A woman holds him to her chest; the sweet sound of her heartbeat is the only thing he knows well and it is comforting.


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