Haiku Compilation

I thought I’d put these into a bulk post since they were all inspired by the Breaking Bad Finale!
I’ve added the character the Haiku is based on beside the title (titles are linked to the individual Haiku page):

Liar (Walter White)
You lie so well,
Your face shows no sign of it.
So skilled at deceit.

Lost (Jesse Pinkman)
Damaged little man,
your life has lost its purpose.
So much pain in you.

Heartless (Walter White)
Little care for life,
Just a passion for power,
You have lost your heart.

Like a Rat (Skyler White)
Trapped like a rat now,
Should have stopped it from the start,
There is no fleeing.

For Love (Walter White)
How far would you go
to protect that which you love?
Unknowable lengths.

All Falls (Breaking Bad)
All comes to an end.
No empire is without faults,
time destroys all things.

Fear (Hank Schrader)
Your fear holds you back,
just take the extra step and
you’ll breathe easier.

Bad Territory (Hank Schrader)
Tread lightly now son
for you’re in much too deep,
you might not get out.

Manipulator (Walter White)
Such emotional
manipulation from you.
Truly immoral.

Puppet (Jesse Pinkman)
Tired of the lies,
sick of being a puppet,
done with the deceit.


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