Inadequate Feelings

I wouldn’t call myself a perfectionist (not by a long shot!) but when it comes to posting and followers I get extremely…weird.

I feel like getting under 5 likes on a post is a failure and it takes a lot for me to even leave those posts around, and if I don’t get at least 1-2 followers a day I feel like I’m stagnating too much and am starting to sink. I know it’s stupid because, honestly, any progress is progress. I tell this to other writers and artists and friends, and I truly believe it too! Any progress IS progress, small or big you’re doing something and moving forward. But here I am, freaking out and feeling disappointed in myself for essentially no reason.

My personal behavior and emotions always baffle me because I know what I should feel but I just don’t feel those things. I’m extremely happy about my followers and my work so far and how much progress I’ve made in only a few short months, but my paranoia and uncertainty are just really stupid and hanging around (for what seems like the rest of my life).

Anyways, just going to end this with a thank you to everyone who has stuck around and everyone who has followed me (on all platforms) and everyone who likes my stuff! You’ve all made me more happy than I could ever express and I hope to get over my own pointless feelings of inadequacy and continue to move forward for you all!


6 responses to “Inadequate Feelings

  1. I find that I can never predoct the number of likes/follows I get in a day. Post’s that I don’t think are very good take off, while the ones I’ve taken a lot of time over aren’t as popular. I guess that’s blogging for you!

  2. I know exactly how you feel, Debra. If I don’t have what I consider to be enough likes I start doubting my usefulness. Yet we have to accept that the act of writing is, in itself, a positive achievement. Getting it published, even if it’s only on our own website, is a further step in the right direction.

    Great post; very thought-provoking.

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