Back to novel writing!

So I’ve been putting a lot into smaller works to keep myself occupied and on the ball but I opened up one of my novels in progress and got really into it again.

Posts MAY slow down a bit (not positive how long this interest in my novel will last) while I add to this and get it going some more, but it’s not for sure. I’m about 3000 words in now so I’m feeling good. The plot wasn’t too fleshed out before but now I know almost exactly the direction I’m going to take it in and where my characters are going to end up at least halfway through the tale.

The novel is titled “Titanium”. Most of you probably don’t know what that is since the only place it’s been posted is my tumblr so here’s the prologue to get you caught up  : )

(I’ve actually already done a bit of editing on this part to accommodate the new direction in plot but keep in mind this still isn’t a final draft, things will change as I go along)

Ricochet digs through the garbage behind the Salty Snake, his little grubby hands barely making way into the giant pile of debris. He finds a piece of scrap metal about the size of his head and cheers to himself as he drops it into his backpack.

As he keeps digging he manages to find many more like it plus a few pieces of unbroken glass. He is nearly to the bottom of the pile when he touches something soft and squishy. He pulls away, realizing it could be a dead animal.

“Damn Mr. Frank, always throwin’ his garbage without lookin’.” He clears some garbage away only to reveal an arm. Frantically tossing the garbage aside he manages to dig up a woman. He stumbles back and falls onto the ground breathing heavily.

She must be dead. There’s no way she wouldn’t be. But he can see her chest moving. It’s slight but it is moving.

He doesn’t know what to do, does he try and get help? Should he just leave her here? The best course of action would certainly be to bring Mac down here and have him take care of it. But what if someone sees her before he gets back?

“Hey…hey lady.” He shoves her a little, pulling back immediately. No response.

He doesn’t know what to do. How can he get her back to the house without anyone seeing him? Trying not to hurt her any further he pulls her out away from the trash pile and continues to dig through it.

“Yes!” he finds just what he is looking for behind the overflowing dumpster; an old trolley used for moving around crates at the Salty Snake, “Sorry about this, ma’am, but I just can’t be leavin’ you here.”

He drags her onto the trolley as carefully as he can, the process taking him nearly an hour of shuffling and struggling. He finally manages to get her on there and lays an old tarp from the trash over her, slipping to the floor in exhaustion. Her limbs are hanging over the edges but for the most part he can move her without causing her body too much more damage.

“Alrighty, ma’am, we’re gonna get you all patched up…at least I hope so.” He takes a path out of Cactus Gulch that winds around the main road and leads through an old abandoned mine shaft. Before long they are coming out on the other side just down the road from his house. He moves as quickly as he can but his legs are ready to give out on him. He drops to his knees on the lawn just before his home, the sun starting to set on the horizon.

The front door opens and a large dark man walks out onto the porch. He holds his hand up to his forehead to shield his eyes from the sun.

“That you, Ricochet?”

“I need your help, Mac!” Ricochet forces himself up and pulls the trolley up to the house.

“What in tha hell you got with you, boy?”

“It’s a woman…she was in the trash behind the Saloon—”

“No. I aint helping you with this, she probably aint even alive anymore Tim—”

“She is! I can see her breathin’!” Ricochet pulls the tarp off of the trolley, the womans’ mouth is open; her breathing is raspy and coming in large gasps, “See! She needs help—”

“No!” Mac leans in close and whispers to Ricochet, “You don’t know why she was there, boy. Who would just toss a person in the garbage? Ya think they gon’ he happy if they find out she aint there no more?”

“I don’t care, I aint just lettin’ her die like this!”

Mac looks at the woman, her red hair is tangled and pasted down with blood, her whole body is riddled with bullet holes; the fact that she’s still alive at all is a miracle to him. He looks at Ricochet and sighs heavily.

“I swear…” he spits into the tin by the door and hitches up his pants, “Help me carry her up the stairs and into your parents’ old room, we’ll see what we can do.”

“Thank you, Mac! I knew you’d come through!”

“I aint happy about this, Tim. You’re just beggin’ for trouble with this woman.”

“No one deserves to die like this, Mac.”

Mac can’t help but see them in Ricochets eyes, he knows the boy has grown up much too fast since his parents’ deaths and wishes he could keep him away from the worst parts of the world, “Let’s get movin’.”


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