I’ve only recently learned how to feel things again.
I was sad and angry for a very long time
and those feelings keep trying to dominate who I am.
I’m happy but it takes so little to sway me.
A look,
A comment,
Nothing at all sometimes.
I don’t snap.
I don’t attack.
I simply seethe.
I feel as if it’s rotting me inside,
but how do I stop it?
How do I command my emotions
when they’re buried deep
and no one can sooth them
or satiate them?
Words do me no good.
Actions are rarely ever done to remedy the situation.
My chest is heavy with anger and sadness,
feelings I thought would be stored for great distress,
and yet here they are finding their way into my daily life.
I am not in control of my emotions.
I can feel their range again,
but they still determine when they are present.


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