The incessant ringing is starting to bother her. She looks at her phone and presses the little button on the side to silence it. He’s been calling her nonstop since late last night; what could he possibly want? She had told him she never wanted to speak to him again and she meant it. His stupid insistence that she couldn’t do any better than him was the last straw in a long list of abusive behavior she had tried to ignore.

The sun is starting to come up. She hasn’t managed to get any sleep and has to be at work in a few hours. With a grunt, she gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom; she stares in the mirror at the dark circles under her eyes. Great. She looks like hell and doesn’t feel much better. She’s about as exhausted as she could get and decides her job can be handled by someone else for the day.

When she gets back to her bed there is a little blinking icon on her phone screen; he’s left a voicemail. It couldn’t hurt to listen to it. She clicks the little button and waits for the automated voice to break and his to begin. There’s a long silence before he finally comes on.

“Eliza, don’t go outside…” he’s whispering, “They’re everywhere…I had to barricade myself in the attic. Please call me, I’m scared they’ve already gotten you and I can’t bear the thought. I’m freakin’ out here Liza, call me!”

What was he rambling about? Who are they and why is he so scared? She goes to her window; the phone slips out of her hand and crashes to the floor. There are people shambling down the sidewalk. Some are bloodied, others just look like they’re clothes have been put through a shredder. What the hell is going on? Something slams against her front down and she jumps. Don’t go outside, he said. Screw that; she’s not going to trap herself in this house when she could be somewhere safer.



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