Me and Social Issues

I only started being extremely active online because a friend of mine introduced me to tumblr and I became quite hooked because of the ease of use of and the level of communication in the community.

I delved into ‘social justice’ pretty early on and my ideas on the subject have been evolving and changing since. I’ve voiced my opinion on plenty of subjects, gotten into plenty of arguments, been called all the names in the book. My opinions are strong, always changing, but strong. I stand by my words and I rarely back down unless I see actual reason in what the other person has to say. With tumblr, social issues tend to devolve into jokes and caricatures of what they’re meant to be, so I can’t say I’m surprised to be tired of the whole thing.

When you get involved in social issues in online communities it kind of reveals to you the true extremes that some people believe in and the pure idiocy that runs rampantly throughout society. The extremists hide behind their computers more often than not. They makes real struggles into jokes and even try and make small issues into an ‘oppression’.

Still, I’m drawn to the argument, no matter how futile it is, and I continue to become more and more angry with people as a whole and the world we live in. My opinions are no secret for anyone that wants to ask me about them, they often are very understanding and liberal opinions, but there’s only so liberal I can be. A lot of what I believe revolves around personal responsibility and someones ability to take their own lives in their hands, so there are some issues that I guess you could say I’ve got an ‘unpopular opinion’ on.

Overall I think I’m withdrawing a bit from social issues in general. I’m losing grip with peoples struggles and feeling like there are too many of those who want to be special and a part of these groups that have to fight, quite literally, for their freedom to exist. There are too many folks who can’t settle with being ‘average’ and need to create new and ridiculous labels for themselves to feel whole and unique and it sickens me to my core.

I find most labels to be bullshit to be quite honest, and hate that society has gotten to a point where everyone feels the need to weigh themselves down with them and restrict themselves to simple little boxed up personalities and beliefs.

So I guess me and social issues are separating. I’m beginning to feel out of touch with humanity as a whole and just want to forget social problems exist, not deal with the extremists, not deal with anyone really, and just live in ignorant bliss.


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