Strength in words

There is strength in your words. There is strength in being able to convey your emotions in a clear and concise way. Don’t stop writing. Not everyone can be a writer but everyone can write. Write for yourself and only worry about others opinions if you plan on making a career out of your writing, even then, your audience doesn’t necessarily have to come first.

There is strength in gathering your thoughts to form coherent sentences, structured poetry, free verses, anything and everything you wish to create. Do what you want with your words; make money off of them, hide them away for only yourself, save them for those you love, stand up for things you believe in, whatever you wish.

Words can change the world, words can alter everything they touch, words–whether spoken or written–can change views, opinions, minds can be opened or closed, there is no limitation. There is no end to what you can accomplish if you believe in what you put down. There is no end to what can be accomplished if you write and speak from that place deep inside you that rarely makes itself known unless you’ve visited it often enough to tap into it whenever you please. That place where all your inner thoughts and feelings lay.

There is strength in your words. There is strength in learning to use them effectively. There is strength in making it known how you feel and expressing yourself to others clearly and honestly. Use those words. Use them to their fullest and never stop. Make your life revolve around the strength they give you. If you feel powerless, know that you’re not. You’ve got an entire mind full of thoughts that are just waiting to be expressed.


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