In the end

Insanity is thinking that the world owes you something and not being able to cope with the fact that it bears no such obligations. We are born with nothing, every animal is born with nothing but itself and it’s mother, some don’t even get that much. The universe has no order, no set paths, it requests nothing from you and gives you nothing in return. We have no watcher, we have no keeper, we have only ourselves and those who choose to stay with us. Nothing is guaranteed. Life ends for all at some point. We are not going to find pearly gates or fiery pits at the end of our journey; only the stars. Whatever lies within us creatures, not just humans but every creature that ever existed since Earths first conception, whatever lies within us will live on in the stars and space beyond our skies limit. No one will be there to comfort and console you, no angels will guide you, you will leave this world just as you entered it; alone and scared in a strange place, ripped from the safety of a world you once knew.


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