In the dark

Whispers in the dark. You should really raise your voice, love, I want to hear what you’re saying. Your voice is music to me, it makes me feel as if I’m home even though I’m decades away from that place. Holding me tightly you continue to whisper in the dark. Your breath is so warm and comforting on my neck. We sleep like this every night, but it always feels new. I’m not sure why it’s different in your arms. Why have I latched onto you so? Why have I decided that you are the one I want to spend every moment with? Every horrible, sad moment until my last breath? My love, stop whispering, your breath is so warm and your words are lost in the darkness of our little room. You’re feverish. So am I. Your hair is pasted to your sweat covered forehead, the gentle wind from our fan is making you shiver. Raise your voice, love. I need to hear you speak. I can’t imagine life without the music of your words.


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