‘Reverse’ Racism

I get the distrust of whites. I get growing up distrusting them because of the sordid past that is this countries backbone. BUT, what does distrust and anger get you? Some may say it keeps you safe from harm, but all I can see coming from it is resentment and misunderstanding.

A white person hurt you, and you pin evil upon all white people. What happens if a black person hurts you? Do you think it’s legitimate for a white person to fear every single black person they meet because of their past with someone of color? I don’t. You should fear humans in general, we’re ALL capable of great good and great evil. If you start to attribute these characteristics to one group you start to dehumanize others and create a false sense of security.

If we throw all people with a certain skin color into one category we’re not doing ourselves any justice, we’re not branching across the divide but digging it deeper and further, we’re making it so that no one can be a decent human being because their ancestors hurt your ancestors.

How do you expect to ever be looked at as equals with those around you if you continue to cling onto your status as a victim instead of growing and accepting your fellow human beings for who they are on an individual level, instead of doing exactly what was done to your kin and judging them by their skin?

You shouldn’t want to switch places with those you perceive as the enemy, you shouldn’t want to judge them and ‘punish’ them for things they didn’t even do, you should want to stand beside them and say the past is in the past, we need to move on and live beside one another because we are the same.

(This is different than what I usually post, but it’s something I think about a lot and it bothers me to no end that instead of striving for equality, we have some people that want to simply turn the tables. There is no ‘reverse’ racism. If you automatically hate someone based on their skin/culture/country of origin then that’s racism).


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