Career Writer

I was kind of shocked to think about how much writing I could be getting done if I got myself to write every day. At 1000 words a day I would be halfway through a novel by the end of a month, and even at 500 words a day I would be a good quarter of the way there.

I wish I could get myself to write that much. I would have quite a few books finished and ready for publishing by now, but unfortunately my writing is not static. One day my words will flow across the page, seamlessly tying into one another, the next they’ll fall flat, stiff sentences strung together in rigid formats.

Writing is so much more than just stringing words together. If there’s no passion behind those words then there’s no point in writing them down. I want to be able to get my story on the page, and I want to do so in a timely manner, but a timely manner is not always possible for me.

I need to buckle down. The more I write the more I find myself able to pull from that pool of creative thought that fuels my words, the easier it gets to put my words down and feel proud of them. If I can just keep turning out a piece a day — a short story, a poem, a blog entry — I can continue to push forward not get stuck in a limbo of sorts where my ideas are plentiful but the words to properly express them are lost.

Writing takes dedication like anything else does, it takes so much effort and skill to pull off great writing, to get recognized, to make a name for yourself. I want to be that dedicated. I need to be that dedicated. I’m determined to make a career of my writing.


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