Liberal/Conservative: Where I stand.

I once thought I was liberal. I hate most conservative ideals and can’t see myself backing those ideals. However, after two years on tumblr I have remembered why I hate labeling myself, putting myself into a box of ideas that I may not fully agree with.
I am not a liberal, I am not a conservative, and people who think those are the only two positions usually fall under the “extremist” umbrella that I try to avoid at all costs. If there is a such thing as a Liberal Conservative I suppose that’s where I would fall? But I prefer to use no label at all and instead express my views on an individual basis.
I have found that both sides are full of idiotic people who I refuse to associate with. There’s so much grey area and after growing a little I have decided that that grey area is probably the most reasonable place to be. You’ve got room to think, room to learn, room to keep an open mind and create actual difference. Assigning yourself to one end of the spectrum only means that you are enforcing a separation in minds instead of a united society.


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