Ah, the sunset. If only she had more time to watch it, but there are things to be done. The lights are on throughout the house, the boxes filled with her belongings piled high in every corner. She wipes the tears from her cheeks and continues to pack.
It wasn’t that long ago that they lived her together. They shared everything; hopes, wants, needs. They even shared a bed. She has no idea what to do from here. All the pictures of them are gone, she’s decided it best to not keep any. She sits on a stool in front of the island in the middle of their kitchen and starts to cry again.
She can’t bear to keep anything. What was the point of packing it all? She won’t be able to unpack her things without thinking of him. It all seems futile. He’s gone and now she has to just pick up and move on.
The drawer by her thigh is ajar and she can see a small piece of paper inside. A low wail escapes her when she opens it all the way; it’s a picture of them together. Her mouth starts to quiver, her whole body following suit.
There he is; smiling, an arm around her neck, looking straight into the camera with foggy eyes, all the machines hooked up to him, oxygen tubes in his nose. She can’t believe that after everything he lost his fight. Deep down she knew he would, but on the surface she had so much hope.
She thought that he could be with her forever but she was wrong. They were supposed to get married, she still has the ring tucked away somewhere. They were supposed to have kids. He was far too young for this.
Her tears are falling onto the photo and she suddenly panics. She doesn’t care about the other photos but this one is different. Carefully, she blots the little drops with her sleeve and holds the photo close to her chest. This one is important. This is the only one that matters. This was what was left of him, not long before he left her, this was him.
He fought so hard and it can be seen here. She cried that visit. Seeing him for the first time in a week, so much thinner and confined to that bed had just been too much for her, but all he did was smile. He had wanted nothing more than to lay eyes on her and he was so happy.
His smile was not something she expected. He had an infectious smile and even now she can feel it taking hold of her. Maybe one day she’ll be able to be at peace with his passing, but she will never forget him. Just before tucking the little photo into her back pocket she plants a timid kiss on his image. He will always be in her heart.


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