Her fingertips brush against his cheek while he sleeps. He’s cold to the touch. She crosses her hands in her lap and waits.
The watch on her wrist is counting down the seconds.
“Just a bit more.” She whispers to the empty room.
His eyes are open but are focused on the ceiling. He can’t hear her. At least not yet. The last second on her watch ticks by, all zeros now glowing on the little screen. She smiles and rests a hand on his forehead.
His eyes widen as she comes into view now. The fear is obvious to her, it’s the same fear she’s seen countless times before.
“It’s alright,” she gently caresses his cheek, “Shhhh…not much longer now.”
He looks confused. But then he gets it, he knows his suffering has ended. She will take him away now and he’ll be done with this place. As the last light leaves his eyes a man much fuller in the face than him sits in the seat beside her.
“Where are we going?” he asks tentatively.
“Where ever you please. This is the start of a new beginning, you can make of it what you wish.”
He smiles, “I don’t feel so sick anymore.”
“And you never will again.”


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