SS untitled

So it’s been years since I’ve written a sex scene and decided to give it a go for practice. This is not complete and I’m not sure if I will even complete it but wanted to share. Under the cut since it contains explicit material:

Soft lips pressed against the nape of my neck, warm breath sending shivers down my back. I bite my lip and whimper softly as bared teeth gently nibble at my tender skin. My hips move involuntarily, my need to feel him inside me growing more intense with every touch.
He moves down to my chest, kissing every inch on the way, and wraps his mouth around my breast, his tongue flicking over my nipple slowly. I run my fingers through his hair, grab a handful of it when I feel his teeth just briefly bite down on my nipple.
It’s too much, I want him now, I can barely stand the tension that has built up in me. Bringing his face to mine I bite his lip and position his hips over mine. I can feel his hard member pressing against my inner thigh, twitching up against my wet lips as we kiss. I reach down and lead him into me, letting out a loud moan as he pushes his full length inside me.
It’s been so long since we’ve been together I think I’m going to cum as soon as he starts moving.


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