It’s not always that I’m sad.
I don’t always feel down or unhappy.
It’s this strange emptiness.
A feeling of being removed from your surroundings.
Not caring either way.
Wondering why you can’t feel it in you.

It’s not always like that though.
Sometimes it feels like the walls are closing in.
Like the future is so close.
So close you have no time left to be something.
You’ve squandered your life.

I don’t know what to call these feelings.
And I honestly think they’re normal.
Until someone else seems to have it together.
Then I wonder; is it me?
Am I broken?
No, my chemistry is just off.

I’m lucky enough to have good days.
They’re here more often and it’s a relief.
But there are others who feel these things all the time.
Who fade into oblivion everyday.
Who see no light at the ends of their tunnels.

They have no control over it.
They sink deeper because of their lack of control.
Medicine does not always work.
Therapy does not always work.

Do not scold them.
Do not abandon them.
Do not make them feel worse for being the way they are.
Simply wait.
Patiently let them sort through it themselves.

And if it’s too bad for them to handle,
Then find them help.
If you can’t handle the stress,
If their pain is making you hurt too much.
Then let yourself leave.
Obligation will do nothing but make them sink deeper.


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