I actually wanted to avoid doing this.

But I’ve placed a link under my about section where you can find a few paragraphs explaining (very simplistically) why I have decided to open a donate button on my Tumblr. 

Basically I’m trying really hard to write enough stories to self publish a short story compilation and start providing some income for my family. We’ve got about another year and a half until my husband leaves the military and we no longer have that income. By that time I should have managed enough small stories to put out an e-book or two and start bringing in some money from there, but until then the donate button is just a small way that those who think I’m good enough to make it as a writer can show their support (BUT it’s not the only way! If you can’t give that’s perfectly fine, just remember to leave likes, comments, mention me to people you think would like my style, anything to show some support. I appreciate everything equally and all of it keeps me motivated to continue pushing!)

So, if you’ve got some expendable income and want to support an aspiring writer I’d appreciate the thought 🙂


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