She can’t feel the flames that are lapping at her as she carries the small child close to her chest.

She can see the doorway only a few feet ahead and runs for it. They’re out in the open, sirens and lights are everywhere, a fireman helps her and the child away from the burning building.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” he leads her to the nearby ambulance but she collapses. The pain starts to come in waves and she begins to scream. Dammit, she was hoping she could hold it off longer, keep the pain away until they could get her to the hospital but here it is. She can feel the burns all over her body getting their message to her brain, telling her she is hurt and needs assistance.

The fireman lifts her into his arms and hands her over to the nurses. He watches the ambulance drive off in awe. The girl had just ran into the burning building once she heard there was a child still inside. She had looked like something out of hell when she emerged; her clothes were on fire in spots, her skin blistered all over, her hair charred at their ends.

(The girl who feels no pain)


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