I’m not a technical writer

I find it kind of funny that I like to write, and people praise me for it, but if you were to ask me the technical terms for the things I do in writing I would have no idea.

I loved english when I was in school, I did well on tests, I knew what was being taught and how to use it effectively. But just like every other class I would forget what I was taught after each test but retain the knowledge of how to accomplish it.

I know how to form sentences, but I know not what the components of a sentence are called. I know how things go together through feel and sound rather than by what is supposed to go together to form a coherent thought.

When trying to teach someone else how to write or what is wrong with their writing I feel like I’m lost because I could explain it but I would have a hard time since the technicality of it all is unknown to me. I could tell you this flows well, or this feel stiff, or this is in the wrong tense…but when it comes to the actual components, the verbs, the adjectives, and whatever else, I would have no idea which is which, just how the words themselves work with each other.

Sometimes I feel like I’m drifting through this world of writers as an amateur because, even though I can match with the best of them, I know nothing of the basic ground upon which I am building my stories. I know only what works with what because I just know that it does.


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